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Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

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Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

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Cavity Insulation is an effective way to reduce your energy costs but unfortunately there have been issues where cavity wall insulation has been mis-sold or not installed correctly.

When this has happened damp has often become a problem.

A large number of property owners have reported substandard installations leading to problems with damp and damage to their homes.

This could add up to as many as tens of thousands of homes nationwide.

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

There are a number of reasons why cavity wall insulation may need to be removed:

  • Problems when the product used is no longer providing insulating properties following time related degradation
  • Problems when the insulation may have been fitted in an inappropriate property
  • Problems when the insulation may have been fitted badly
  • Problems when the insulation may have been subject to flooding

Who's affected

IRT Surveys Ltd has conducted a study of 250,000 UK homes, and has found that half of the cavity-walled homes it investigated have damp, slumped or missing insulation. If this figure is true for the rest of the properties that have CWI installed, it would be the case that 3 million homes are affected by cavity wall insulation problems.

How do I know if my home has faulty cavity wall insulation?

Whilst is can be tricky to identify if you have a cavity wall insulation problem, without getting an expert to assess it, here are some general indicators that you may have faulty cavity wall insulation:

  • No noticeable increase in heat or temperature due to low quality materials being used.
  • Drill holes visible in the walls.
  • Mould, condensation or damp since cavity wall installation.
  • Damaged Brickwork.
  • Blocked Air Vents.

If you have any of these problems then YOU may be entitled to compensation.

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How can I get the problem rectified?

If the installing firm is still trading (some of them are not) then it is their responsibility to rectify the problem. If they refuse, or if they are no longer trading, then responsibility falls on CIGA under its 25-year guarantee.

The maximum payout for rectification work with CIGA is currently £20,000

How Do I Check If I Can Claim?

Our claims specialists can quickly tell you if you have a valid claim and the amount you are likely to receive back. Simply click the "Can I Claim" button, complete the form and we'll quickly assess your claim.

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